Secret Tunnel Tool Kit 🤫

Building a secret tunnel to depths unknown?? We've got the right tools for you!

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SuperHandy Electric Self-Propelled Wheelbarrow - 48V 2Ah Battery System, 330lb Max Capacity, 4 Cu. Ft Tub Wheelbarrow
Sale price$699.99 USD Regular price$799.99 USD
SuperHandy Utility Tugger, Compact Electric Tow Cart, 2600 lb Towing Cap - for Material Transport, Warehouse, Pulling Mobility Scooter
SuperHandy Material Lift / Warehouse Stacker 330Lb 40" Max Lift w/ 8" Wheels, Swivel Castors Material Lift
Sale price$487.99 USD Regular price$499.99 USD
SuperHandy Heavy Duty Plate Compactor - 7HP Gas Engine, 4200 lb. Compact Force, 12" Max Depth (Orange) Compactor
Sale price$549.99 USD Regular price$569.99 USD
SuperHandy Electric Backpack ULV Fogger - 120V Corded, 2.6Gal, For Sanitization & Pest Control Fogger
Sale price$149.99 USD Regular price$169.99 USD
SuperHandy Self-Propelled Electric Utility Wagon - 48V 2Ah Battery System, 500LB Hauling Capacity (Upgraded Design) Utility Wagon
SuperHandy Electric Earth Auger and Drill Bit (Upgraded Design) - 48V 2Ah Battery System, 6" x 30" Drill Bit, 3/4" Shaft Auger
SuperHandy Retractable Extension Smart Cord Reel (Alexa, Google Home Enabled) - 12AWG x 50FT Cord Reel
SuperHandy Chain Operated Hoist - 1/2 Ton Capacity, Aluminum Alloy Chain Hoist
Sale price$109.99 USD
SuperHandy Mountable Retractable Air Hose Reel - 3/8" x 50'FT, 3' Ft Lead-In Hose, 1/4" MNPT Connections Air Hose Reel
SuperHandy Electric 2-in-1 Leaf Blower & Disinfectant Fogger 48V 2Ah Cordless Battery System (Orange) Fogger
Sale price$134.99 USD Regular price$138.99 USD
SuperHandy Electric Air Compressor - 120V Corded, 6.3 Gal, 120PSI Max Pressure Output Compressor
SuperHandy Chain Operated Hoist - 1 Ton Capacity, Aluminum Alloy Chain Hoist
Sale price$75.99 USD
SuperHandy Portable Electric Compressor - 48V 2Ah Battery System, 2 Gal 135 PSI, Manual Gauge Display Compressor
Sale price$187.99 USD Regular price$224.99 USD
SuperHandy Electric Earth Auger and Drill Bit - 20V 4Ah Battery System, 12" x 3" Drill Bit, 3/4" Shaft Auger
SuperHandy Cargo Trailer Heavy-Duty, Utility Cart - 1200 lbs Capacity with Hitch, 8" Casters, Compatible with SuperHandy Electric Tugger Utility Cart
Sold out
SuperHandy Electric Self-Propelled Wheelbarrow - 24V 12Ah Battery System, 330lb Max Capacity, 4 Cu. Ft Tub Wheelbarrow
Sold out
SuperHandy Portable Electric Winch - Braided Steel Cable, 1000LBS Max Load, 48V 2Ah Battery System Winch
Sold out
SuperHandy Heavy Duty Utility Wagon 400LB Capacity - For Hauling Wood, Tools, & Materials (Orange) Utility Wagon
Sale price$134.99 USD
Sold out
SuperHandy Plate Compactor Heavy Duty Upgraded Design - 7HP 4200lbs Impact Force - Water Tank for Concrete and Dirt Compactor