Electric Utility Wagon Pro - 48V 2Ah Battery, 660Lb Max Weight

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660 LBS

Load Limit

1,000 LBS

Towing Capacity

3.1 MPH

Top Speed

Haul Effortlessly with SuperHandy's Electric Utility Wagon Pro

Unveiling our Electric Utility Wagon Pro, a robust tool designed to revolutionize hauling with a 660lb load limit and a 1000lb towing capacity, all while reaching speeds up to 3.1 MPH.

Eco-Friendly Power, Substantial Capacity

Equipped with a 48V brushless motor and rechargeable batteries, this wagon promises efficient and eco-conscious operation, simplifying your heaviest tasks without compromising on environmental responsibility.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Utility Wagon Pro - 48V 2Ah Battery, 660Lb Max Weight

Utility Wagon: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Wagon Pro - Haul More, Work Less

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
pamela I
Transmission stoped running, now trying to obtain am Manfacuters refund.

Transmission won't engage. motor runs but will not pull any weight. I have contacted the Manufacture and am dealing with them.

Jamie S White
So far great device

We just recently bought this anfmd have used it a couple times. We bought a liner but great multipurpose use around the house

Douglas P.
Be very careful going downhill!!

This is a great cart going uphill! A backsaver/lifesaver really. How-e-ver, it has NO brakes. So be extremely careful going downhill. With a heavy load, it’ll just pull you and there’s no way to stop it. On a boat ramp, with a full load, for example, i think it’ll pull itself straight down to the river without kidding. On a hilly street, it possibly could run away and crash into a car, person, or the neighbor’s yard. It’s great moving loads uphill, but be extremely careful moving them downhill. You’re forewarned!

Justin Buist
I enjoy this thing

If you locked 4 good engineers in a room and said, "Hey, design an electric cart for yard use that's dead simple, durable, and a good bang for your buck. Something you'd actually want to use for the next 10 years at your own home" this is what would likely come out. I moved around 1.5 yards of soil about 30 yards in distance today and didn't even wear down a whole battery. There are no frills to it; it just freaking works and does a great job. I've seen a number of complaints about hills so one of the first things I did was put 100lbs on it and go uphill, about a 4% grade. It didn't have a problem. I'm pretty happy with that. I'm not sure what it would do with a full 660lbs on it but I'm not too concerned. It's about 500W of power or 2/3rd horsepower. I can accept those limitations.

needed it
Fine materials engineering and function

Rapid earth, rock, and mulch transport around residential lot is a breeze, even though it is steep in places. Keeps me from tearing up the landscaping in my truck, battery durations and load capacity as advertised. Conservatively, I will say well done! If you ever give any away, I'd like another please :-)