Compact Stump Grinder Pro - 9HP, 12" Cutting Blade, Effortless Stump Removal

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9HP | 274CC

Gas Engine

13" Inch

Cutting Blade

6 Teeth

Hardened Alloy

Transform Your Land with SuperHandy's Compact Stump Grinder Pro

Tackle even the most stubborn stumps with ease using the SuperHandy Compact Pro Stump Grinder. Powered by a robust 9HP engine and equipped with a 13-inch cutting blade, this machine redefines stump removal, turning a challenging task into a simple one.

Powerful Precision, Effortless Operation

Not just powerful, our stump grinder is designed for ease of use and mobility. Its lightweight construction, combined with hardened alloy teeth, ensures effective grinding and prepares your land for new projects. Say hello to a cleaner, stump-free yard.

MORE ABOUT THE Compact Stump Grinder Pro - 9HP, 12" Cutting Blade, Effortless Stump Removal

Powerful Precision: Mastering Stump Removal. Learn More.

Grind Down the Past - Stumps Gone in a Flash

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Customer Reviews

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Correction to previous Review

The shipping of this item was excellent, no dents, no scratches and quick. The Grinder is well made and after having reviewed the owners manual I thought there would be problems in trying to find parts especially things like a new belt or cutter teeth for the Grinder since the part numbers were not listed. I was hesitant after contacting the seller since the parts were not on hand. The seller had indicated this product was new for the company but after contacting both by email and by phone the seller quickly responded by contacting the manufacturer and now has stock of these items. The stump grinder works extremely well on small stumps and even on larger ones normally not included in specifications for the machine especially if stump is within the height limit and somewhat dry, in other words cut previously and has had time to dry out. It is especially good for e Evergreen type or Arborvitae type trees, and removal of Juniper stumps on lawns. Having just recently acquired this Grinder I have as of today remove more than 12 stumps larger than specified for use of machine. The 9hp Engine starts very quickly and has robust power for this size Grinder. For lawn work, unlike tree work, the Super Handy Grinder is a real plus. I highly recommend this Grinder. I must say the customer service has been extremely helpful to satisfy my concerns. I am therefore very satisfied with this product.

Amazon Customer
It will grind your stumps

So the product came in undamaged, and it looked solid. After I finished assembly, the engine started right up. However, I noticed that the cutting wheel was not turning. After some disassembly of the unit, I noticed that the clutch cable was not connected at the handle, and also it was missing a cotter pin in the belt assembly that hooks up down below. After addressing these issues, I used it on a stump of about 40 inches. Obviously, this is much larger that a stump the stump grinder is rated for. It worked just fine and got rid of my stump. I believe this is a capable unit, and look foward to using more around my property.