Electric Utility Tow Tractor - 24V 9Ah Battery, 2600lbs Towing Capacity

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330 LBS

Weight Limit

2,600 LBS

Towing Capacity

24V 9AH

AGM Battery

Industrial Efficiency with SuperHandy's Electric Utility Tugger Ride-On Cart

Introducing the Electric Utility Tugger Cart, a single-seater powerhouse designed for industrial towing and personnel transportation, ensuring operational efficiency with a 2600lb towing capacity.

Powerful Towing, Industrial Agility

This ride-on cart is not just about towing; it's about transforming material handling with its robust AGM battery, offering a reliable solution for the dynamic needs of warehouses and industrial spaces.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Utility Tow Tractor - 24V 9Ah Battery, 2600lbs Towing Capacity

Enhanced Mobility: Comfort and Efficiency Combined. Learn More.

Ride the Power - The Ultimate Utility Tugger

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
John W Guse
Like It!

Everything came as expected. On time. Clear directions. Well packaged. All parts came. Billing correct. I liked paying through Amazon. The Tugger runs perfect and is super quality.

Charles Erickson
Ludicrously Small Diameter Front Axle (only .47 inch) But Overall Excellent

This electric cart is saving me, a 77 year old man, many, many calories, so far, after about 2 months of use, and is a lot cheaper than a used golf cart, which often to usually costs a minimum $3,000. Apparently these Chinese designers, though, themselves never assembled the front axle assembly, because I had to grind away about a half inch off each end of the axle sleeves to get the wheel to fit. Also, while making a hard left turn later in some very sandy soil, the very tubeless front tire came off the rim, which should have had a tube in it that would prevent the tire from sliding off the rim. So I ordered a heavy duty tube from Walmart online to put in the tire. OVERALL, THOUGH, THIS REALLY IS AN EXCELLENT BUY SINCE THE BATTERY IS POWERFUL AND THE TRANSMISSION IS AUTOMATIC WITH GREAT CONTROL. One last problem, though, if a flat free front tire is wanted, is the substandard front axle diameter. Instead of a cheap 22 millimeters, verified by an email to the seller, it should be a good old American 5/8 inch diameter which is the size of many flat free tires/wheels sold in the U.S. I searched extensively for a flat free tire, and the only one for a half inch axle (which would not even fit well on this Chinese axle) had a wheel height of 8 inches, from Grainger, when the cart's wheel height is 9 and 3/4 inches. Knowing what I know now with a limited budget, I would still definitely buy this little jewel of a cart.

Joseph Moore
Excelent item

This was a great purchase. easy to put together and use, looking forward using it

Gilbert E Flores
Airplane tug

Modify the hitch and good to go

Joule Charney
Perfect for my needs & great service!

I am highly recommending the SuperHandy Store on Amazon. I have purchased two items through this store thus far: (a) SuperHandy Electric Tugger Cart, Industrial Tow Tractor Riding Scooter, and (b) SuperHandy Cargo Trailer Heavy-Duty, Utility Cart. I am awaiting a Total Knee Replacement Surgery and the scooter has been immensely helpful to my mobility. Further, I have used the scooter to tow the cart, with a Large (36x24") dog crate on it, at a dog dock-jumping events. It was hugely helpful to go between my motorhome and the dock, towing one of my Labrador Retrievers at a time. The long sides of the cart are strong but light-weight and come off or go back on in a jiffy. I cannot overestimate the importance of this because I need to be able to remove one side to enable me to open the dog crate dog door wide enough to allow dogs to go in and out of the crate and then rapidly put the cart side back on at the conclusion of each dogs' turn on the dog. I literally looked for a product to accomplish this for at least a year. Even the wagons and carts with removable sides are no where near as user-friendly, and still need a scooter that is powerful enough to pull them with a Lab in or on them. My dog 'rig' was the perfect solution for me and my dogs. I have made several calls to SuperHandy to ask questions and obtain advice on assembly and adjustments. I have not had to deal with Holds, Prompts, nor strong foreign accents that are hard to understand. The personnel have been knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. 'Service after the sale' is a rarety now-a-days; but, it is dependable when it comes to SuperHandy. In short, the SuperHandy Store and its products have lived up to the name.