Platform Truck & Trailer - 1200Lb Capacity, Connects Directly to Utility Tugger

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1200 LBS

Load Capacity

8" Inch

Castor Wheels

41" Inch

Platform Bed

Hauling Made Easy with SuperHandy's Platform Truck & Trailer

Transform your hauling experience with our Heavy-Duty Cargo Trailer & Utility Cart. Designed to support up to 1200lbs, this trailer is the robust solution for transporting heavy loads.

Maximum Load Capacity, Sturdy Construction

Connectable to our Utility Tugger, this trailer features 8-inch caster wheels and a 41-inch platform bed, making it an indispensable tool for moving heavy equipment or materials.

MORE ABOUT THE Platform Truck & Trailer - 1200Lb Capacity, Connects Directly to Utility Tugger

Utility Cart: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Transport Made Easy - Heavy-Duty Platform Power

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Big deal I'm looking
tedius assembly but useful

it does rattle if you dont tie the sides together with rope

Flower Girl
Super heavy duty

I got this for transporting packages from a storage unit to an apartment in the same building. It's perfect for thr job and sometimes seems like overkill but it's great whether you haul a load of any size. I'm happy with it.

R. Moheban
Uncompromising design, uncompromising build quality

This "Super Handy" cart is well named. While expensive at currently around four hundred dollars, it is worth every penny due to the uncompromising quality. The design is also extremely well thought out. This is true for commercial use like stocking shelves, or for home workshop or garage use. This cart is built tough enough to be handed down generations. I see no reason in normal residential use it wouldn't last over 50 years. If you take it outside in rain then eventually the wheel bearings would go and new wheels be required but for our usage I expect we can get 25+ years out of the original wheels. As for the cart, it is all aluminum so it cannot rust! It will last indefinitely (except the steel fasteners could eventually rust if exposed to a lot of moisture). Just as aluminum airplanes from 1960 are still flying, the aluminum cart will look good and function fine basically forever even if it gets rained on. All the aluminum is heavy duty and commercial-grade thick so it can handle some degree of abuse. This cart is great for moving a bunch of sacks of concrete mix! Uncompromising design: 8-inch wheels are hard to appreciate until you actually use them. Large wheels simply handle bumps sooo much better so this may be a very good cart on a lawn. The platform being 8 inches off the ground is nice too. The rails are held by 4 corner posts. The posts' nuts underneath take a beefy 19mm socket so that gives you an idea how serious they've taken build quality. The 16 nuts holding the casters in place are hefty at 15mm wrench size. While the provided wrench works, I highly recommend using a 15mm box wrench plus a socket which is vastly easier. Sixteen times can be frustrating with suboptimal tools. All the holes in the cart lined up perfectly and assembly was not difficult. The size is perfect for our needs. Just large enough to handle some real bulk and weight, but small enough to navigate through doorways. The swiveling casters make it super easy to maneuver. The side rails simply pull off straight up in 1 second as they are held in place by gravity. This makes loading and unloading a breeze. The end rails however are bolted on. I have found nothing not to like about this cart. Nothing at all I would change! Highly recommended.

Michael Santos
Great cargo trailer

This cargo trailer is really well built. It is heavy duty so you shouldn’t have to worry about damaging it easily during use and the hitch came in handy when attaching it to our modified golf cart. We use this at the warehouse and with the hitch we installed on the warehouse we can pull this cargo trailer around. Works great for carrying large heavy loads from one end of the warehouse to the other. Highly recommend it

Good cart, holds a lot, doesn't tip, difficulties with assembly

I really needed this Cargo trailer utility cart to work because there is a lot of yard work here where we're hauling things around and we receive heavy deliveries that need to be moved from one side of the property to another. Unfortunately, our cart was difficult to put together. The bolts didn't fit and wouldn't screw in all the way, and some of the holes didn't align properly. I finally had to hire a handy man to drill the holes properly so we could get it to work. Once I did that, I really love the cart. It holds so much weight, I haven't been able to find something I can't haul in it. For example, I used it to cart an extra large freeze dryer from the house out to the shop, and that thing is over 400 pounds, and I did it without any issues. I use it every day now for hauling whatever I need from one place to the other. I use my riding lawnmower for it, and don't have a problem. I recommend this product.