Material Lift Stacker & Pallet Dolly - 330Lb Max Weight, 40" Lift Height

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330 LBS

Load Capacity

40" Inch

Max Lift

8" Inch

Solid Wheels

Effortless Handling with SuperHandy's Material Lift Stacker & Pallet Dolly

Transform material handling with our versatile Material Lift Stacker & Pallet Dolly. Designed for ease and efficiency, it offers a 330lb max weight capacity and a 40-inch lift height, perfect for warehouse operations.

Labor-Saving Design, Optimal Mobility

With its swivel caster wheels and solid polyurethane wheels, this pallet truck provides excellent maneuverability, simplifying lifting and transporting tasks in any workspace.

MORE ABOUT THE Material Lift Stacker & Pallet Dolly - 330Lb Max Weight, 40" Lift Height

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Catherine Azar
Really Super Handy!

Love this Material Lift Dolly. Well built, seems like it will last forever.
Now I'm able to move heavy items around by myself, no need to wait for someone to come and help me.
Came fast, well packaged and went together easily, good assembly instructions.

Randy Hughes
Excellent !!!

Fit my needs perfectly for moving heavy items from the floor to the bench, which is why I bought the tool. Can’t always call for help to lift items in a small one man shop.

Gary Proctor
Better than expected and worth every penny

I bought it late last year and just unpacked and put it together. There were some small nits, but overall, I was very impressed with the condition of the parts packed in the box...the box had been tortured by the shipping company and the parts came through unscathed. Every tie wrap was broken, obviously from the rough treatment, but each and every component was perfect with no marring of the paint, etc. I have to lift a freezer up into the tailgate of my pick up...this is the perfect lift for the will lift the freezer to one inch higher than the bed of my pickup on level ground. I also plan to use it to lift the 100# LP tanks I need to supply my two back up generators...I'm too old to man handle them up into the bed, and in TX they have to be in the bed (in the open) for me to carry them to the refill point. This lift will work perfectly for that task, as well. The instruction manual was adequate. Fortunately most everything was already assembled, and the few nuts and bolts were pretty straightforward, even though the manual lists the item as #1 (primary frame) in one photo and (A) primary frame, elsewhere. The photos are clear and help you assemble the components. Functionally, this unit is great! It is really heavy duty, well painted and the lift is strong enough to lift 330 lbs.

Thanks for the review Gary! Sorry to hear about some of the shipping quality issues. We'll definitley look into strengthening the tie wraps to combat some of the rough treatment.

Good luck with the generator job! Would love to see pics if you can!

-Patrick from SuperHandy

Rohan techie
Extremely easy to set up and use. Loved how effectively it lifts.

Very effective in lifting. Safe to use and quite compact to store. Loved this product, coming from an engineering background.

Kee H Song
Great for installing rack LiFePo batteries

Bought this to help with my solar PV system with batteries. Had to install (8) batteries in server (2) racks by myself. Each battery weighs over 100lbs. As things turned out, I had to RMA all (8) batteries, so had to pull them off the server racks for packing. Now I am waiting for the replacement batteries to arrive so that I can re-install the batteries all over again. Not a task I enjoy, but cannot imagine myself having to lift and fit all those batteries without this handy lift. Have to say this tool just saved my back 2 times over, and probably going to go for a third round.