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Hi, we're SuperHandy.

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Who are we?

We're SuperHandy.

Hey there and welcome to SuperHandy! We're more than just another online tool brand. We put our expertise to work, designing an amazing array of outdoor gear, industrial tools, mobility scooters, and all sorts of other must-have items. Our goal? Make shopping for tools and heavy-duty equipment as easy as pie, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. What sets us apart? Two things: quality and affordability because..

With the right tools, anyone can be SuperHandy.

Our Motto

With the Right tools, anyone can be SuperHandy.

This isn't just a catchy line; it's a firm belief that the right gear can transform anyone into a task-conquering hero. Whether you're tackling a minor fix or diving into a major project, our tools make the difference, turning daunting tasks into something you'll look forward to. It's our way of saying, 'Hey, you've got this,' empowering both the first-timers and the seasoned pros alike. With SuperHandy, it's not about the challenge; it's about the solution. Quality, affordability, and a little SuperHandy know-how can take you from 'maybe I can' to 'yes, I did!' in no time.

With the right tools, anyone can be SuperHandy.


Our Vision is to be America’s trusted option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals, inspiring confidence, igniting creativity, and building a community.


To be the trusted companion for America's DIYers and pros, sparking creativity and fostering a community of innovation and confidence.


Empowering the nation's makers and doers with dependable tools, igniting creative endeavors, and uniting a community built on skill and trust.


Our Values Are (S U P E R)


We simplify the user experience with easy-to-use products and straightforward guidance, making it easy for anyone to take on projects with confidence and without unnecessary complexity.


We foster a community of DIY enthusiasts, bringing people together to share knowledge, ideas, and support. We believe in the power of collaboration and creating a sense of togetherness among like-minded individuals.


We believe in offering tools and solutions that are highly functional and relevant to everyday needs. Whether it’s a home improvement project or any practical endeavor, our products are designed to make your tasks easier, more efficient, and hassle-free.


We genuinely understand our customers’ needs, providing not only practical tools but also empathetic support, creating a community where everyone feels understood and valued.


We are committed to delivering reliable tools that consistently perform at their best, ensuring our customers can rely on us for their DIY needs. Our dependable products and services instill confidence and trust in our brand.


The SuperHandy Journey Begins

It all kicked off with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a brand that stands as a beacon for the DIY enthusiasts, the tinkerers, and the handymen and women who find joy in doing it themselves. From the very beginning, SuperHandy wasn't just about tools; it was about setting a new standard in handiness. We established ourselves with a clear vision – to empower you with not just tools, but with confidence and capability. Our journey began right in the heart of the DIY community, where we promised to turn every task into a triumph of self-accomplishment.


A Milestone of SuperHandy Success

Fast forward in our journey, and 2019 stands out as a milestone year, a highlight in the vibrant SuperHandy story. It's the year we hit an incredible financial peak, a feat that speaks volumes about the trust and support of our SuperHandy family. From the DIY enthusiasts to the professionals, and every single person who shares our belief that with the right tools, anything's achievable – this achievement is yours as much as it is ours. Here's a big shout-out to the countless successes we're going to carve out together in the years to come


Rising to the Challenge with Innovation

As the world faced unprecedented times, SuperHandy stood resilient, pivoting with purpose and innovation. In response to the global need for safety and sanitation, we developed our Electrostatic Fogger, a tool designed to arm businesses and individuals in the fight to sanitize and protect. Our commitment to serving the community shone through as we provided a means to combat the challenges of the pandemic, reinforcing the SuperHandy promise to not just equip, but to care and contribute.


A New Chapter, A Renewed Identity

In 2022, SuperHandy turned a new leaf, embracing a rebrand that truly reflects who we are at our core. It was a year of introspection and growth, of carving out our values and crystallizing our vision. With a fresh logo and invigorated marketing, we redefined our commitment to innovation, quality, and community. This pivotal moment marked a new era for SuperHandy, one where our identity aligns seamlessly with the can-do spirit of our customers. We're not just a brand; we're a statement of empowerment, a symbol of hands-on resilience, and a badge of creativity for every taskmaster out there.


SuperHandy Takes Center Stage at Equip Expo

The year 2023 was marked by a significant debut, as SuperHandy stepped into the spotlight at our first-ever trade show at Equip Expo. It was a momentous occasion where we showcased our innovative spirit and solidified our place in the industry. Meeting face-to-face with our peers, we exchanged ideas, gained insights, and furthered our mission to equip and inspire every handyperson with the best tools for the job.


Launching the Ultimate SuperHandy Experience Online

As we forged ahead into 2024, SuperHandy celebrated the launch of our most intuitive and user-friendly website yet. A digital hub that mirrors our brand's evolution, offering seamless navigation, resourceful content, and a direct line to our newest and most trusted tools. This platform isn't just a website; it's a virtual extension of our commitment to accessibility, community, and unmatched SuperHandy quality.



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