Electric Dualie Wheelbarrow - 48V 2Ah Battery, 330Lb Max Weight

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180 Watt

Electric Motor

330 Pounds

Load Limit

4 Cu. Ft.

Tub Capacity

Power Your Projects with SuperHandy's 48V Electric Dualie Wheelbarrow

Streamline your toughest jobs with our 48V Electric Dualie Wheelbarrow. This self-propelled marvel with a 330-pound capacity and a 4 cu. ft. tub is your ideal outdoor assistant, powered by a potent 500W motor.

Effortless Lifting, Advanced Mobility

It comes with everything you need, including a 48V 2A Li-Ion battery and charger, to ensure that no task is too great, offering efficiency and endurance with every load carried.

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Wheel Power Redefined - Strength to Move Mountains

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Joanna G.

This works great after I realize there's a button on the side of the speed controller that turns it on and off. I thought it was just a thumb controller and when it didn't work I figured I had a lemon. Dummy me. Love it for hauling my firewood.

A back saver!

I used this wheel barrel to move 6 yards of composte. It worked great!! I purchased a second battery in fear that one wouldn’t last long enough, I was wrong the battery has an impressive work life. I do use the second battery as a backup. Love this product and would recommend it highly.

Richard P. Bly
Great for yard work.

This product is as advertised. Easy to use, well built and well pull at least 250 lbs. up hill with ease. I give this high marks and would not want to be without it.

A beast

Owned this for six months now and have moved around 170 loads of dirt, shell rock, and concrete while enlarging a basement. This thing is a beast! It has made my job so much easier. Buying a spare battery is a must. Picked up a spare for $80. Moving material approximately 100 feet one way with the grade going from 7-12 percent halfway, I'm getting from between 17 to 20 loads per battery. Takes the battery around 2:15 to fully charge. Could there be improvements, of course. Easy to put together, but arrived with some dents in the bucket. The manual is very lacking. Not enough info on the batteries, storage, etc. Emailed customer support with a question and they said a technician would give me a call, which never happened. Dumping the bucket could also takes some practice due to how it's set up. Over all, this product has beat my expectations and I'm happy with my purchase.

Lindsay Koehler
I am the envy of my neighborhood

bought this particular model because of the 500w motor, lithium ion battery and dual front wheels, I didn't want to deal with a lead acid battery (AGM). I have only used a few times but have found it to be a great force multiplier when working on my hill side garden. Handles are not perfect, they are set very wide and have way too much play in them, I think I'll be adding some sort of bracing in the future. This is why it gets 4 stars instead of 5. Side note: The packaging was a state of the art.