Electric Wood Chipper Lite - 120V Corded

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Reduction Ratio

1800 Watt

Electric Motor


Corded Power

Durable Chipping, Simplified Operation

The robust polypropylene housing ensures longevity, making this chipper a steadfast addition to your garden tools for easy and effective chipping.

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Customer Reviews

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Dj Medic
Not sure what other people are going on about but this shredder is pretty great!

I don't know what's up with the other reviewers but this shredder is really good with a bit of modification. If you look at my video of the shredder it can definitely handle more than small sticks or twigs. I would say while it does work for leaves it's not the best for it since you can't really put much in there at a time and if you do it will clog up before it even gets to the shredder part of the machine. If you want a leaf shredder it's best to get a dedicated one or get the leaves all in the pile and run it over with a bagged lawn mower like I wound up doing. But as far as branches and sticks and whatnot it's pretty great, I had a rather large wild grapevine, a whole mess of blackberries and some rather thick branches and it just ate it like it was nothing. I didn't even waste time putting in the blackberry and the grapevines one by one I just bundled them all up and just stuffed them in there. This one is definitely a keeper.

For leaves it sucks

If you plan on using it for sticks and branches only it is good. If you plan on doing leaves forget it. It takes forever to load them into the hopper feed and if the leaves are a bit wet , it will clog up terribly

Not for big sticks

You need safety glasses and hearing protection for this one but works well.

Great product!

This is sturdy and easy to use. It doesn't jam up like or last one

Works BETTER than expected

We thought it would be poor quality and jam up a lot. It's amazing! Stick to the small stuff and it will do a great job. 👍 We are very happy with this chipper!