Steel Extension Cord Reel - 14AWG, 100' Ft Cord Length

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Cord Gauge

100' Foot

Extension Cord

54" Inch

Lead-in Cord

Ultimate Flexibility with SuperHandy's Steel Extension Cord Reel (100' Ft)

Introducing our 100-foot Industrial Retractable Extension Cord Reel, a powerhouse for extensive power needs. Constructed with solid steel and housed in an impact-resistant case, it's built to last.

Maximum Length, Robust Construction

The sturdy ratcheting mechanism locks the cord at your desired length, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility in a variety of industrial or DIY settings.

MORE ABOUT THE Steel Extension Cord Reel - 14AWG, 100' Ft Cord Length

Extension Cord Reels: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Power Line Prowess - A Century of Tangle-Free Cord

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Customer Reviews

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Charles E. Cameron
Extension cord

I purchased this for my shop. I have been wanting to get one for years and this one looks like it will not let me down. It is very heavy with a heavy well mount that works great. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Great purchase

Works as it is supposed to. I changed the end plug to a single plug in for my use. No one in my house puts electric cords up in a way that I approve. This eliminates tangled cords. Makes the garage look more organized.

Rex Ellis
This is the real thing

This feels and works like an industrial cord reel. Something you’d see in a real mechanics shop

Advertised as having an INDUSTRIAL DESIGN and they aren’t kidding…this item is AWESOME!

Saying that this retractable extension cord reel is well-built would be an understatement. The frame is virtually indestructible and VERY heavy. My wife was home when this item arrived and she couldn’t even move the box, let alone pick it up. I actually had to change the installation location I had chosen as the wooden beams were not substantial enough to confidently support both the weight and the force of pulling the cord out of the reel. As you can see in the attached photo, I had to go with a ceiling mount into a specially modified LAM beam that was previously installed to carry extreme loads (up to 14,000 pounds). As other reviews have mentioned, the sheer weight of this retractable reel makes an extra-secure installation imperative to avoid serious injury, especially if you choose a ceiling mount. Aside from having to put some extra thought and attention into the installation and location, this item is absolutely fantastic. I honestly can’t think of anything negative to say about this product with the possible exception of it being REALLY heavy, there is a typo in the directions so make sure you measure the distances between the holes in the mounting plate yourself, and, while the total length of this product (including the 5 foot cord containing the wall plug) is 101 feet, the extension cord itself is only 96 feet long. This shouldn’t be an issue for most people, but if you are buying this for a project where you need the actual extension cord to reach 100 feet from where you mounted the reel, you will be very disappointed as it will be 4 feet short. This is not an easy product to install so be prepared to need help with this installation as it is definitely a two-person job. I commend the writer of one review I read who provided detailed directions for installing this product by taking the entire real apart and then putting it back together again. This allows you just mount the plate easily but, due to the varying tension involved depending on how much cord is in the reel, you must be extremely careful when you disassemble and reassemble the reel. I was too nervous to go with the disassembly/assembly route and I also wanted to try to mount this reel myself as a one-person project. I have provided photos of the installation but I will briefly describe the process here. This procedure allows you to leave the entire reel intact and perform a ceiling installation by yourself but you will need to buy two extra mounting bolts. First, carefully measure the distances between the centers of the two mounting holes and two mounting slots. Mark those four positions on the surface you choose to hold the mount. Predrill all four holes, screw in the two bolts that will hold up the two slots in the mounting plate, leaving a gap of about 3/16 to 1/4 inch on each bolt. Screw the other two bolts that will hold up the two holes in the mounting plate in completely and then completely remove both of the bolts. Now, with the reel on the floor, unwind all of the cord and make sure that the reel locks in place. I discovered that the locking mechanism of the reel is very sensitive in this position so I would HIGHLY recommend clamping the cord around one of the rollers (see picture) to prevent the reel from retracting the cord unexpectedly. With the cord unwound, the reel, while still heavy, becomes light enough to be lifted to the ceiling by one person. If you slip the two mounting slots completely into the 3/16 gaps you left between the mounting surface and the two bolts, the entire reel should hold, wedged to the ceiling, on those two bolts. The weight of the reel is sufficient enough to hold it without slippage. You can then put the other two bolts through the two mounting holes and screw them back into the mounting surface. Once those two bolts are screwed back in enough to hold under pressure, the reel is secure and will not fall down. Simply finish tightening all four bolts, remove the clamp on the cord, and let the cord retract itself onto the reel until it is completely rewound. I hope this installation method proves useful to you. It worked great for me! In conclusion, the manufacturer spared no expense when they made this product. It even has four-way rollers around the cord’s exit point to ensure that the cord will never suffer any wear (see the attached photos and video). I wouldn’t be surprised if this cord reel not only outlives me, but that it will still be functional well into the next century. This is a must buy for anyone who needs a super-long, heavy-duty, retractable extension cord that will last a lifetime.

John Bednarski
Power to the Neighborhood!

Holy Toledo, what an upgrade. Seriously. I've had a ~30 foot over-the-head extension cord reel in my garage for a few years now. It has served me well. But the modest length of the fully extended cord was the limitation I wished to change. Like any guy would. But I digress. And change I did. With a hundred feet of cord at my fingertips now, I can pretty much get to any nearby HOME, let alone cover my own turf. Such freedom! As other reviewers have mentioned, the vendor ensured that the heft of the cord and the required spooling hardware was well supported and protected. This fact tallies up to substantial overhead heft. Not only is installing the device something to be planned out, this baby will do some serious OUCH to anything it may fall on, should you skimp on mounting it safely. Please do plan ahead and ensure you've picked a mounting location that won't fret about the weight. Naturally, I get why having 3 outlets at the end of the extension cord is useful and probably a desirable characteristic. That said, in one use case I have, this is not desirable. Previously, I could pull down my single-outlet extension cord and quickly fire up my trusty snow blower with an electrical start feature. I could just plug in the cord and VROOM. But with this new cord, I can't plug in directly. I must use the starting cord that came with the snow blower, and attach that to the reeled extension cord. I certainly wouldn't ding the vendor for this design consideration, but it is something to think about, if your main use case is similar to mine. The quality of the hardware, paint choice and cord itself virtually guarantees many years of trouble free use. Happy with this choice. Five stars.