SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair Plus: Quick Start Video Guide

SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair Plus: Quick Start Video Guide

Navigating your new SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair Plus should be as smooth as your ride. That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide, complete with a video tutorial, to help you understand every control and feature of your new mobility companion. Ready to take control? Read on and Watch the video below for a step-by-step breakdown of each function.

Power On/Off:

1. Engaging Power: To start, locate the battery box on the right-hand side of your wheelchair. Switch it on to activate the battery. You'll see an indicator light that confirms the power is on.

2. Using the Power Button: Press and hold the power button situated at the top of the control panel for three seconds. You'll hear a beep, and the lights will flash, indicating that the wheelchair is ready to go. To turn off the wheelchair, a single press is all it takes

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Adjustment of Driving Speed:Your wheelchair adapts to your pace. To adjust the speed:

  • Use the plus and minus buttons to change settings.
  • The speed indicator lights will show the current gear, ranging from 1.25 MPH to 3.75 MPH.

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Using the Horn: The horn button is easy to reach and use. Press it to sound a loud beep, ensuring you can safely alert others around you.

LED Light Operation: Turn on the LED light with a simple switch to illuminate your path in darker environments. It's bright and positioned to maximize visibility.

Joystick Operation: Control your movement effortlessly with the intuitive joystick:

  • Push forward to move forward.
  • Pull back to go in reverse.
  • Move it left or right to steer. The further you push, the faster you go, giving you complete control over your speed.

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Mute Function: Prefer a quieter ride? The mute button allows you to silence any operational beeps, such as the reverse beep, which is on by default.

Battery Indicator: Keep an eye on your battery status with the clear LED indicator. Knowing when to charge helps you manage your trips better.


Closing Thoughts:

The SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair Plus is designed to empower you, giving you independence and mobility. Interested in making one yours? Don’t wait!

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For more details on using your wheelchair or if you have any questions, consult your manual or contact us. Stay tuned for more helpful videos and updates—subscribe to our channel for the latest!

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