Garden Hose Reel - 50' Ft Hose Length, Retractable & Mountable

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1/2" Inch

Hose Diameter

50' Foot

Hose Length

3/4" Inch


Hassle-Free Watering, Robust Construction

With its 150psi working pressure and convenient connect/disconnect features, this hose reel ensures you can cover every part of your garden effortlessly, eliminating the struggles of tangled hoses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jonathan Stewart
Use with caution!

Purchased in March, just got around to installing a month ago. I’ve used the reel 10-12 times and noticed the hose guide was broken. It still works thank goodness but it’s plastic and not very durable.

StraightUp Reviews
Convenient - Sturdy; Quick Connect OK

This SuperHandy Retractable Water Hose Reel is a convenient option to not have to wind up or roll up my garden hose. Just pull slightly and it retracts! The hose is a 1/2 Inch x 50' Feet. It also has quick connect fittings - for me, they are just ok. They work fine and don't leak but ideally I prefer a normal threaded hose connections that I can then configure as desired. The hose will lock in at certain lengths. It was easy to mount and is quite study. I like the convenience of the retractable hose and overall its a well built product.

Seems to be standing up the elements and use.

This hose reel was desperately needed to prevent someone from dragging our current hose partially into the flowerbed and onto my wife's flowers when 'pulling it' further out into the yard. This may or may not have been me. :o| Installing this has greatly helped watering by providing quick and easy access to water various areas of the yard. The whole reel feels sturdy and is holding up well. We don't carry this reel around as it is mounted. It extends and retracts with ease. The hose and connectors are a little bit on the cheaper side but it's working well so far.

Donald W. Gwyther
Good quality and price

Bought one on Craigslist, new from someone a few months ago, and was impressed with the quality and durability of the product, so I bought another one from Amazon, for the other side of my house


Gran compra