Electric Trailer Dolly - 24V 7Ah Battery, 2800lbs Towing Capacity

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450 LBS

Tongue Limit

2,800 LBS

Trailer Limit

800 Watt

Electric Motor

Tow with Ease using SuperHandy's Electric Trailer Dolly

Navigate towing tasks effortlessly with our Electric Trailer Dolly, featuring a robust 800-watt motor and a 2800lb towing capacity. This dolly is engineered for convenience and reliability.

Robust Towing, Dynamic Maneuverability

With a heavy-duty steel frame and a patented ball attachment, this dolly ensures smooth transportation for trailers and RVs, making it an indispensable tool for your towing needs.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Trailer Dolly - 24V 7Ah Battery, 2800lbs Towing Capacity

Trailer Dolly: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Tow with Ease - Power to Move Mountains

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
geoffrey kogler
little to no power- don't bother

I loved the idea of moving my trailer without the hassle of connecting it to my truck. well, I was disappointed, to say the least, when the SuperHandy dolly I purchased wouldn't even move the trailer. the tires just spun, and when I went to back the dolly out, the entire dolly slid forward, dropping my trailer to the ground (yes, the entire back end of the dolly lifted off the ground when attempting to back up). the concept of this machine is great, but it is not worth the cost; save your money and buy a backup camera for your vehicle instead.

Trailer mover

Woeks great

Larry O.
Moves my boat without breaking my back

Used for 2 years now to pull boat trailer (18’) and utility trailer, both near the 2800 pound rating. I’ve had 3 spine surgeries, so it’s been a well used tool. Worth every cent. We struggled for years til we bought. Loved and well used since. No regrets, it truly solves a problem!

He Ming
too expensive

I rarely write reviews, but I want to talk about this today. It really solved my problem of getting the jetski into the garage. Because my garage has a slope, it is difficult for me to push it alone, and it is even dangerous. But this thing does allow me to get it into the garage by myself, but it is not easy, especially because the tires keep slipping. But it does work, but my jetski is only 900 pounds. No matter how big the boat is, I don't recommend using it if it has a slope. My own strength plus the power of this machine is just right. I don't understand it. It's nothing. They don't choose a bigger motor. drive. In addition, I have to mention the price, because I am from China, and I am very helpless because the Chinese do not play boats and do not need this thing. They do not have garages. But I am very aware of its cost. It actually only uses two of the cheapest lead-acid 12V batteries connected in parallel to form a 24V power supply. This is used in children's cars in China. Each battery only costs 20 US dollars. If When sold in China, its price will not exceed $100 with free shipping, and they can still make money. I have to admire the affluence of Americans and the high cost of manual logistics.

les klear
Does exactly what they say it does. Works well on a firm surface.

As stated it works well. I use it on a slight grade up into a garage on a concrete surface. Some raters complain it doesn't work well on gravel, obviously nothing would !