14 Ton Electric Log Splitter - 120V Corded, 20" Max Log Length

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1800 Watt

Electric Motor

14 Ton

Splitting Tonnage

20" Inch

Log Length

Effortless Splitting with SuperHandy's Electric Powerhouse

Welcome to a new era of log splitting where the SuperHandy 14 Ton Electric Log Splitter transforms strenuous labor into a task of ease. Powered by a robust 1800 Watt Electric Motor, this tool is your steadfast companion for a winter's worth of wood, effortlessly slicing through logs up to 20 inches in length.

Industrial Strength, Home Convenience

Transform the toughest splitting tasks into simple, swift actions with the SuperHandy 14-Ton Electric Log Splitter. Designed for the rugged heart with a home convenience mindset, this powerhouse effortlessly turns log-splitting from a chore into a satisfying, productive experience.

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Customer Reviews

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rosanne hank
easy to use


Works, does not like knots.

The Body Flexes. I imagine one day this will become hairline cracks and being the fluid reservoir will form leaks that i cant weld closed.

Scott Dwyer
Works good once you actually get it working properly

When first put together the instructions state to fill with 1.6 gallons of fluid and run it back and forth a few times, and add fluid as needed. Why can’t they say to add another 0.4 gallons, because it took a full 2 gallons to fill it. It cavitated on the first extension with 1.6 gallons, so I knew it would take much more to fill it. That is a minor complaint, just make sure you have enough fluid to fill it. So on first usage it was very weak, and the pump stalled out with any significant sized log! My 6.5 ton splitter was better than this! It was late evening on a Friday, so I went inside and looked up how a 2 stage pump worked. I found a good video that explained there should be an adjustment for the high pressure stage. I emailed the company, and didn’t get a reply until late Monday. They did have a response on the adjustment, with one sentence of instruction that looked like translated Chinese, and a short video that was in Chinese, but it did show where the adjustment was and to turn it counter clockwise. Thanks to the video I had found on my own, I already had it working before receiving the reply. After the adjustment to get the high pressure stage to work the thing was a beast! It split some 14” dry wood with no problem. So it gets a star off for not working properly when it arrived, and for not including instructions on how to do the adjustment if needed. Other than that I like it, and it seems well built. I do agree with most other quirks that others have mentioned in the reviews, but those quirks are not enough to drop my review any further. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned getting smacked by the handle when it returns, but it stings so be careful of that! It also states that it can handle up to 20” long and 14” around. A log that long and big would probably be in the way of the handle so that you would not be able to engage it, although that is not an issue for me as I cut 16”.

Handy Enough, Happy Enough.

I'm "happy enough" with my new SuperHandy electric-powered hydraulic log splitter, and part of that is that I was "handy enough" to put it together and get it going. I've used it about five times, to split about ten wheelbarrow loads of cured rounds of Ash, Elm, and Oak. It's doing well. Details below. HEAVY PARTS: Five stars. LIGHT PARTS: Three stars. My product came 1) without bolts to attach the control lever to the valve, and 2) with a dipstick that, luckily for me, broke in my hands rather than into the hydraulic-fluid reservoir, 3) a hydraulic hose that I had to warm with my hands, and then bend into two awkward curves to connect it to the reservoir from the valve (I'm no expert, but it looks like it needed another fitting to place it farther from the valve, and then a longer hydraulic hose, to allow a gradual bend (maybe even without warming it with your hands). USER MANUAL: Two stars. One problem with it is that it says that "when the outdoor temperature is below 32° F, Dexron III transmission fluid can be used." Unfortunately, like so much of this user manual, this statement is unclear; and if it were clear, it would be likely to be incorrect. For example, it does NOT say that Dexron III transmission fluid is recommended for use in this log splitter at temperatures below 32° F; but if it did, and if we were all experts in hydraulic/power-steering/ transmission fluid, we would probably know that Dexron III transmission fluid is just one of several options. Since I'm not an expert, I wish I had a user manual that would tell me what I need to know. And don't believe the user manual when it says that the system takes 1.6 gallons of hydraulic fluid; after you add about 1.5 gallons to your new, empty system, you'll need to purge the air from the system by running it for a minute, then stop it and let it rest for a few minutes, then add another quart. And then, the manual is correct when it says that you should regularly check the level of hydraulic fluid (even though the dipstick that came with the product is broken).

Renee C
Great log splitter

We just put a wood stove in and went up and cut wood. Initially we planned on splitting it with splitting mauls and axes but this came on sale and we thought we should definitely give it a try. Have used it a handful of times and only had issues with 2 pieces that had huge knots in them. I just readjusted them and it went through them. It was easy to put together and runs great, smooth operation.