Electric Mist Fogger - 12V Battery, 34oz Tank

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11' Foot

Spraying Distance

34 Oz

Tank Capacity


Per Minute

Electrostatic Coverage, Extended Reach

Utilizing ULV fogging and electrostatic technology, our fogger ensures every droplet counts, covering surfaces evenly for a comprehensive clean, powered by a reliable 12V Li-Ion battery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I like it a lot.

Things I love about it… I love that it’s cordless. I can take it anywhere I want and do my car and not have to plug it in and use an extension cord. It is user-friendly. You just push the orange button to turn it on and push the orange button to turn it off, it charges very quickly. The only negative that I can come up with is that the particle size can be adjusted, but even the finest particle is still kind of big. I have a backpack version from Petra Tools. and the particle size is very very fine… Which I love this one doesn’t have as fine of a particle size, but it’s still better than nothing. I highly recommend everyone have some thing like this. It’s easy to do your car. It’s easy to carry with you to kill germs. If someone was in your house that was coughing or touching all of your stuff it’s easy to get out and spray the areas where they were. I use hypochlorous acid from Petra Tools. ULV 500. It sanitizes small places in a piece but I use my big fogger to do the whole house.


It runs through liquid really fast. It sprays more than foggs. You'll need to keep it moving or it'll soak whatever you're aiming at. It has good range which is needed. Because you'll also want to put some distance between what you're aiming at or again, you'll soak it. I'm going to try another mini fogger to see if it works similar just for reference because I've never owned one of these.

Not very misty, but good sprayer.

Empties the bottle pretty fast, so if you have a larger area to spray (like a dwarf fruit tree), then you're better off getting a 1-2 gallon sprayer.

Felipe L.
Not a fogger

It's not a fogger it is a mister. It works good as a mister but I needed a fogger.

Jake S
Definitely a sprayer - not a fogger.

I was hoping with the droplet size advertised that this would be what I want to fog areas with disinfectant...but it's much more of a mist than it is a fog. Even on it's finest setting, things are still pretty wet.