Electric Mist Fogger - 20V 2Ah Battery, 45oz Tank

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45 Oz

Tank Capacity

15,000 Sq. Ft.

Total Coverage

16' Foot

Spraying Distance

Versatile Spraying with SuperHandy's Electric Mist Fogger

Elevate your spraying tasks with our 20V Handheld Electric Mist Fogger. With a 45oz tank and 15,000 sq. ft. coverage, this device streamlines your garden maintenance and disinfection processes.

Multifunctional Spraying, Extensive Coverage

Whether it's bug control, disinfecting, or humidifying, this sprayer's versatility is unmatched. Experience the convenience of handling various tasks with a single, powerful tool that offers an impressive 16-foot spraying distance.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Mist Fogger - 20V 2Ah Battery, 45oz Tank

Fogger: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Enhanced Mist Power - Wider Reach, Longer Lasting

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Amazon Customer
Great for our house

Very easy to use and affordable!

Alva'Martine Jones
Great purchase

I’m happy with it so far

Dj Medic
So far so good.

As I said in the title so far it's been okay. I was questioning if I should get it seeing the other reviews but it was on sale recently so I decided just to give it a go. It has not leaked yet and nothing has broken it has worked very good for me so far but I guess time will tell. If something does happen I will be updating this but for now it's pretty nice. I am using it for my plants to spray organic fungicides and insecticides and it is working pretty well for that for now that is. Almost forgot to mention that I do like how it blows the leaves around unlike a regular pump sprayer the liquid penetrates deeper into the canopy of leaves which is quite nice

Marianne Brundies
bug fogger

This is an ok product. We use it while we are camping. I probably would not purchase this again.

Laura Gordon
Doesn’t really “fog”

Giving 3 stars because it works well enough to keep it. There is no adjustment for spraying, it’s just supposed to fog. It even described in the instructions to leave the area while fog clears. Hahaha! There’s no fog! Tested first with water and it’s not much better than using a spray bottle. Gets things very wet. Decided to keep it because it’s still faster than using a pump sprayer or spray bottles . Pros & cons though. It has a trigger that’s supposed to lock in place so you don’t have to continually hold trigger.. but mostly doesn’t. I was surprised that it locked today for the first time after a couple days of use. You can’t turn it on its side - for example to spray under something low to the ground, it stops spraying if the liquid isn’t flowing in normal upright position. So while it has its limits, and doesn’t give a true fog but rather a mix of both fine misting and wet droplets spray, it is getting the job done. I’m guessing it wastes product faster though since it won’t fog/sprays wetter than expected. If you are doing mold remediation - it works well with a (nontoxic) thymol product (don’t know if I’m allowed to say brand name that starts with B) to quickly cover and kill exposed moldy areas; as you work to uncover each section, give a spray - let it sit for a little bit then continue removal work. You’ll find your breathing a lot less mold spore odors that way. I wear mask or respirator depending what areas we are removing but I do check /sniff the air in the work area daily to see how much of the mold I can smell - I’m super sensitive to all odors so it doesn’t take much for me to smell things.