Backpack Mist Fogger - 48V 2Ah Battery, 2.6Gal Tank

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2.6 GAL

Tank Capacity

28,000 Sq Ft.

Coverage Capacity

20' Foot

Spraying Length

Cordless Convenience, Comprehensive Coverage

This fogger redefines ease of use with its cordless design, allowing for unrestricted movement. The substantial 2.6-gallon tank capacity means fewer refills, more coverage, and uninterrupted operation, perfect for extensive sanitization and pest control tasks.

Fogging Freedom - Battery Power Meets Blanket Coverage

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
k Roe
Very easy to use and carry

The fact it was cordless made it easy to use. Lightweight and the rotating spray attachment was great

Hazel McCrae
As Described

The machine did exactly what I expected, the shipment was prepared carefully and the driver was very pleasant when he delivered the item…

Mike Russell
Great customer service!

Great customer service by Paul, responded immediately to resolve my issue. Highly recommend

Keith Kunkowski

Does the job

Fair product. Customer service follow through not so good

Worked great, till battery failed. Think I could just get a replacement battery since I only had it for 19 days before battery wouldn't hold a charge? Nope. Had to go thru a lot of bs before getting resolved. customer service sent replacement unit to wrong address. Was a nightmare getting that cancelled ,reordered, getting reimbursed, getting it sent to CORRECT address. Blah,blah,blah. If they first would have just verified where it was supposed to be sent to in the first place, instead of just assuming. Better yet if they would have just replaced the battery in the first place, but nope. Amazon customer service was better than trying to deal directly with the manufacturer. That was pathetic. Amazon has gone down hill as of late . Used to be enjoyable buying from them. Now it's a gamble. Every scammer out there is using Amazon. And they just let it happen. Makes for some unhappy customers .