Chicken Plucker, Poultry Defeather Machine - 120V Corded

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800 Watt

Electric Motor


Rubber Fingers

20" Inch

Drum Diameter

Effortless Poultry Processing with SuperHandy's Chicken Plucker

Transform your poultry processing with the SuperHandy Electric Chicken Plucker. Powered by an 800W motor, it efficiently removes feathers with its 92 rubber fingers and large stainless steel drum, streamlining your operations for both DIY and commercial use.

Powerful Performance, Simplified Plucking

Our chicken plucker combines industrial-grade strength with a compact design. Ideal for various poultry sizes, it ensures quick and clean feather removal, making it a must-have for efficient and hassle-free poultry preparation.

MORE ABOUT THE Chicken Plucker, Poultry Defeather Machine - 120V Corded

Chicken Plucker: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

From Feathers to Bare - Effortless Poultry Prep

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Customer Reviews

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Used these while butchering chickens

while this did pluck the chickens it does take some time getting used to exactly how to do it. Smaller chickens in the 3 to 4 pound ranged did get hung up and the fingers would just sit and beat the chicken up. The biggest thing if you are a first time buyer is making sure your chickens are dunked in the right temp of water for the correct amount of time. Over when doing more than 2 or 3 chickens this is a life saver. We processed 54 chickens and this saved us a huge amount of time over doing it by hand. It is a good buy. I am dropping one star due to smaller chickens getting hung up and not spinning in the tub.

Linda L.
Life saver

We processed 24 chickens last weekend, we ordered this plucker the week before, but it wasn’t due to arrive until after processing day… thank god it came early. Works really well. Chickens were featherless in about 30 seconds and clean up was easy. Assembly was also easy.

Butchering day game changer

Did great with my Royal Palm turkeys - 9lb to 12lb. I have no doubt it would do great for turkeys twice as heavy, or several chickens. It does get clogged, but it was easy to pop the drum off as necessary to quickly remove blockage and continue. A game changer for backyard meat production.

Gary A. Schanzmeyer
Works fantastic with proper scalding

We finally got around to butchering our broilers and used our plucker. I could not be more pleased with it. Proper scalding makes all the difference in the world. We bathed the killed birds in 145 degree water for 90 seconds and the plucking went very well. My daughter wanted to keep the feet and the plucker skinned those with ease. Just make sure the feet are scalded as well. We did 50 birds total and just put one bird at a time in the machine. I tried two birds and it worked fine but at the pace we were processing, 1 bird at a time was easiest to manage. I did not try more than two birds so I can't comment on capacity. Clean-up is easy although feathers do get stuck around the base of the rubber fingers so if you want to get it really clean, you need to manually remove those.

bonnie bergeron
Tears the skin

Easy to use but will tear the skin in the thigh even on a single bird.