Steel Chicken Feeder - 20Lbs Feed Capacity

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20 LBS

Max Feed

10 Day

Food Supply

Feed 5 Birds

At one Time

Effortless Feeding with SuperHandy's Steel Chicken Feeder

Introduce ease into poultry care with our Automatic Chicken Feeder. With a 20lbs feed capacity, it can nourish up to six chickens for around ten days, simplifying your daily routine.

Hassle-Free Poultry Care, Large Capacity

This feeder is designed to provide a consistent food supply, ensuring your chickens are well-fed with minimal effort, making it an essential for any poultry enthusiast.

MORE ABOUT THE Steel Chicken Feeder - 20Lbs Feed Capacity

Chicken Feeder: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Feed with Ease - Robust and Ready

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Lonnie Gruhn

Good little feeder. Priced right. Works better than I’d have expected.

Amazon Customer
Two years In

I don't like to rate things until I have owned them awhile. I have owned this 2.5 years at this point and it is working like a charm. Chickens learned how to use it by following the simple training directions. I highly recommend it and it is much cheaper than grandpa's.

Pamela Owen
Great feeder!

This feeder works great for our 4 chickens, they trained to use it very easily. Sturdy and well made.

Lindy Allred
I was a skeptic, now I'm a believer.

I had three problems: rats, small birds and wasted feed. I bought this feeder hopeful that any one of those problems could be fixed. Sure enough! The rats haven't returned in over a year. The small birds that used to steal feed are gone. And the chickens aren't able to scatter the feed everywhere. The chickens (old and young) have no problem figuring out how the feeder works. My feed bill is cut in a third. I really didn't think I could save that much money. I recommend this feeder to everyone now! I am NOT compensated in any way for this review.

Tammy Ritter
Works well

I was a little apprehensive on buying this as it was a knockoff as to what I originally wanted. It has worked perfectly so far and the chickens trained to it easily. Took my time to make sure they were used to it before the final step and now all is well.