Automatic Tire Inflator - For Cars, Trucks, and Off-Road Vehicles

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174 PSI

Max Pressure

25' Foot

Air Hose



Accuracy Meets Convenience

Crafted for the modern driver, this tire inflator's high-accuracy gauge ensures you get the right pressure every time. The included 25' air hose and various mounting options offer flexibility, making it indispensable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs. Enhance your tire care routine with SuperHandy.

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Customer Reviews

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Bianca H.

Easy to use and works great


This thing really works. Was at a rest area and helped someone with a flat tire. Pulled out my air compressor and hooked it up and the lady was on the road in minutes. Huge lcd screen to help you see what your doing.

D king

Before you purchase this “SuperHandy Automatic Tire Inflator” you need to understand that this is actually NOT an inflator of anything! The description/title is very misleading bc the only thing this machine does is measure & display the air pressure/psi. There is NO air compressor built inside this so you will need a separate air compressor to attach to this “inflator” plus a power source for both “inflator” and air compressor, otherwise the only thing it’s capable of doing is DEflating your tires. There are smaller products out there that actually do the same thing this machine does (display PSI, set PSI etc) and actually have air compressors built in that are portable and with a much smaller asking price. In my opinion, for the regular homeowner’s use/need for a tire inflator, this machine is NOT worth it. If you own your own auto shop/ are a mechanic etc then maybe this item IS for you and your business. This machine does display accurate, simple & clear readings. It’s easy to set up and the hose is nice and long to be able to attach to an air compressor. It does come with a remote to be able to control from a limited distance and there is an app you can install to help control the psi and/or set a specific psi via Bluetooth connection, which both can be convenient. Overall, depending on how much and where you’d be using this machine, depends on the individual themselves. I personally would not get this item again bc there are all in one machines/tools out there that are easy, convenient, smaller and actually portable that would fit my needs and uses better. To be VERY CLEAR THOUGH, The description/title needs to be changed, to represent an honest & accurate description of the actual item. Right now it’s EXTREMELY misleading specially with that price tag.

Nice inflator for those who have a separate compressor

There is much to like about this tire inflator, such as its accurate digital gauge, responsive physical buttons, and the option to control it via bluetooth and app. The included 25 ft hose latches onto tire stems easily and provides a secure connection. However, this unit does not include a compressor, so if you attach this to a tire, it only lets the air out of the tire. Since the device is marketed as a “tire inflator” and there is nothing that states a separate air compressor is required, it is understandable that some buyers might assume this is an all-in-one device (like so many portable tire inflators).

Jo L.
Does not Inflate Tires

Just wanted to make sure whoever reads this knows that this is not a tire inflator. You will need an air compressor for this to work. The item description and product page is a little misleading unless you do a deep read into it. With that out of the way: This is a surprisingly good product. It is easy to work and set up to work with your air compressor. I like that you not only have the touch interface on the unit itself but you can also use the remote and an app. Having that many options is nice but I don't see myself ever using anything more than the unit itself. Also comes with a wall mount and a hook for the hose to hang on. I do think it is priced a little high for what it is. The reason for three stars is the misleading title and the price point. You can find cheaper alternatives that do the same job. Cool product but not necessary for every garage.