Gas Garden Tiller Pro - 7HP 209CC, 27" Tilling Width

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7HP | 209CC

Gas Engine

27" Inch

Tilling Width

14" Inch

Tilling Depth

Gardening Mastery with SuperHandy's Gas Garden Tiller Pro

Transform your land with our Heavy Duty Garden Tiller Pro. Featuring a robust 7HP 209CC gas engine, this tiller tackles a 27-inch width and 14-inch depth, handling the toughest tilling tasks with ease.

Mighty Power, Expansive Reach

Designed for the serious gardener, this tiller combines high power with a wide tilling area, ensuring quick and effective soil preparation for any gardening project.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Terry Malone

It is a little too wide for me so I did not Install the outer tines. This thing is a beast. The 7hp engine has massive amount of power. The 14" tines are strong and go deep into the soil with no problem. I have no idea how long it will last but it seems to be built well.
This is by far the strongest front tine tiller I have ever used or seen. It does need a lot of assembly but I had no difficulty understanding the instructions.

Serious Tiller

This is a 6 tine 7hp tiller. It is not for the timid or weak. Most back yard tillers are 2-4 tines and they still require a bit of muscle. So its understandable that this one really requires a capable person at the controls. There is a bit of an art to running these tillers without beating yourself half to death, this one would not be the one to learn with. And also because of its size and width it would not make a good tiller for a small garden where one would have to make a bunch of turns. This one would excel in long straight rows. This one would be great for a larger garden with soil that had previously been broken. It was fairly easy to put together but this might be subjective for those who are inclined. It also starts easily and with out any problem.

Texas Mama
Heavy Duty, YES!

This is the real deal. Super heavy (you’ll most likely need 2 people to lift) and does a remarkable job. The dirt doesn’t stick to the blades when using. And they seem to work pretty deep into the soil. This is a gas engine. I don’t store mine outside.

does the ripping and tilling well

Let me start off with I do like this tiller. It is my first tiller and I didnt even get it for my garden. I got it for tilling up my duck and chicken runs after the animals completely compacted the run into dirt concrete. This has been great for mixing in all the animal waste and the soft mulch and fluffing up the soil again. If you have ducks you will know how much they produce and its good to keep it maintained. The build took me about 30 min since there are a number of parts you need to assemble. Its not hard but you do need to get the bolts right. They are not really labeled but if you use your head a little then they do make sence. I was missing 2 short bolts but they are not a big deal. I was able to get it all together and after gear oil, regular oil and gas was put in I got it going. Now right out of the box brand new I had a little tuning issue. The gears were engaged the whole time no matter how loose the handle was so Im thinking there might be an adjustment with the gear engager. This was a little annoying as it kept wanting to move forward. Moving it around is not horrible but its not too hard. The depth gauge does get in the way a lot when moving over steps or for instance getting into the duck run. It does work very well though. I set the depth to half way and this thing dug into the ground no sweat. Chop chop and I saved my back really fast. The handle bar grips kept sliding off which was a little annoying. Ill be adding some grip tape inside to give it more friction. Other than that once I was done I just turned it on and let the front wheels roll forward to propel the tiller forward without ruining the grass too. I like it for when it can do thats for sure. Dont go tilling up some rooty soil or your not going to have fun.

Starts one pull

The assembly of this tiller was easier than expected when I saw the box. The directions were not the best, but once assembled, it was pretty easy to use. It starts with one pull when you properly prime it. You do need to be able to handle a strong machine because on dry ground it can run and pull very hard. It is not a toy but it is a huge upgrade from my little 2 stroke mantis.