Electric Standing Desk - 48"x30" Rustic Wood

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48" Inch

Table Width

30" Inch

Table Depth

48.6" Inch

Table Height

Rustic Elegance Meets Modern Functionality with SuperHandy's Electric Standing Desk

Enhance your workspace with our Rustic Wood Electric Standing Desk. With a generous 48"x30" surface, this desk combines rustic charm with the innovation of height adjustability for the perfect balance of style and function.

Custom Comfort, Rustic Appeal

Complete with dual motors for smooth transitions, memory settings for personalized heights, and the ability to support up to 220 lbs, it's the ultimate desk for versatility and aesthetic appeal.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Standing Desk - 48"x30" Rustic Wood

Standing Desk: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Robust Work, Rustic Style - Work in Woodsy Wonder

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Customer Reviews

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Solid, smooth function, nice features, easy to use - a 2+ hour build worth the time/energy

This standing desk is the real deal - it works well and is well constructed. It came in a large box and was completely unassembled. I did not realize how long it would take to build - it ended up being 2+ hours and included many pieces and lots of screws and bolts. Be aware of the time and detail needed before you buy it. Once it was built, it worked flawlessly and the extra time to get it right was well rewarded. It has a very large range in heights from los sitting to almost too high for anyone under 6 feet tall. It has an easy to use control and a range of features including a memory setting to be able to go to a few set heights in a few button pushes. The surface is thick and durable - the darker brown fit well in my office/living room. It has an overall good size and can handle almost any setup, even dual monitors. Though I do not have a heavy load on it, it feels as if it could hold 100+ pounds if needed and be able to raise and lower it at a feather’s touch of the buttons. Goof packing, good instructions overall, easy to use and solid feeling.

Golden Doll

The SuperHandy Adjustable Standing Desk, once assembled, is a beautiful desk that is sturdy, with optional lockable casters. This versatile desk gives me the versatility that I have been looking for, so that I can stand if I am recording or want to move around as I work, or I can easily adjust it so that I can utilize it while I am sitting. I appreciate the three memory settings that I can easily adjust based on my schedule and needs. However, there were some challenges with assembling the desk that are so significant, that it jeopardize the overall quality of this otherwise great standing desk. Assembly was fine as my husband easily navigated, until one out of three screws on a leg (motor attached) would not align properly, and then, one of the legs would not fit into the skit in the base, or foot attachment. We tried so many things to file that opening more to widen the space so the keg would fit. Annoying, to say the least. After filing, hammering, and frankly praying for it to fit, after a few hours, thank goodness, it finally fit. The fact that the end result is a functional and great looking standing desk, but it would be nice for this quality control issue to be addressed and corrected, and then for the improvement to be indicated so that fellow Amazon shoppers can purchase this lovely desk in confidence, and not have an unnecessary and unpleasant assembly experience.

Father in Aviation
Perfect for my shop

I have issues where I have sciatica and lower back pain. if I sit or stand to long, I have to do the other. this standing desk suits me perfect. I can also adjust the height to be the same height as the workbench to get me some extra workspace if needed. the only issue I had was the directions and screw bags didn't totally align.

P. Martin
Once assembled love it. But assembly is a bear!

Once you get this table put together, it is fantastic. Easy to raise and lower, and it has 3 presets. Although the photos really don't show it very well, this does have an electric motor, you must plug it in to change the height. The top is not real wood, but it looks really great for MDF. Now assembly - oh my! Instructions are terrible, components are not labeled, and some of the screw holes have metal blocking them. Be prepared to dig out these screw holes, and I beg you - please have a power drill on-hand with the proper bits - assembling this by hand is a nightmare! But the final product I love.

Matt H.
Good materials, not so good workmanship

I really like the look of this desk and it does work well as far as the going up and down. But we had a heck of a time putting the thing together. Very few of the holes lined up properly and it was impossible to get the screws started. This desk is way overpriced too. Even if we didn't have assembly issues, this desk isn't worth a third of what they are asking for it.