Electric Snow Thrower Pro - 17" Width, 23' Throw, 48V-2Ah Battery

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17" Inch

Clearing Width

6" Inch

Clearing Depth

23' Foot

Throwing Distance

Professional Snow Clearing with SuperHandy's Electric Snow Thrower Pro

Tackle the toughest snowfalls with our Electric Snow Thrower Pro. Boasting a wide 17-inch clearing width and a 23-foot throw distance, this machine is powered by a robust 48V-2Ah battery for top-notch performance.

Expansive Clearing, Powerful Throwing

This snow thrower not only clears wide areas quickly but adjusts to throw snow exactly where you need it, combining convenience and control for a snow-free environment.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Snow Thrower Pro - 17" Width, 23' Throw, 48V-2Ah Battery

Snow Thrower: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Pro Performance - The Ultimate Snow Champion

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Customer Reviews

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Toy Peterson
Light and Easy to use

So got this back before the start of our winter in hopes of getting a true blizzard here in Maryland and that has yet to happen. We were expected to have snow this past weekend, but somehow that didn't happen. So, my friends though who lived about an hour from me got hit hard so what did I do? I threw this in the back of my Acadia and drove up there just to use it. So, for starters loading it in the back of my truck was super easy! As it's not very heavy! Out of the box easy to get up and running. They got about 5-8 inches of snow. I was able to easily and quickly clear the entire path of their walkway and driveway in under an hour! It maneuvers very quickly and easily. It wasn't so heavy as I was able to pick it up by myself and then I also had my ten year old pick it up twice without him complaining as he typically does. For the price, how light it is, and how easy it is to use I am sold on this. I don't think you will be outside using it if you got a blizzard but for the amount of snow we do get, it works out perfectly.


Was hoping to use it this year but so far we’ve had zero snow in the mountain. For the price and the way it’s built I’m sure it’s a great machine. Well made with high quality material.

S Misa
Lightweight, and easy to assemble

When I first got this box, it came in a rather small box, smaller than I expected. I was surprised it was able to fit in there. It was fairly light, and that's also what tripped me up. When I opened it up, it was very easy to assemble and I tried it around in my garage and it was fairly easy to move around. It seems like it would do a great job, but it hasn't snowed here in the PNW just yet, so I haven't had a chance to fully test it. I'm kind of looking forward to some snow so I can use it instead of shoveling.

Great alternative to shoveling the sidewalk

I live in an area that doesn't get a lot of snow but when it does snow there are sidewalks to be cleared. In fact, it is the law that you have to clear your own sidewalk. After some lower back trouble, I find it painful to shovel snow, even just a few inches. This is a great (and fun) way to clear the sidewalks while saving my back. While we haven't had any snowfall to test it on yet, I have confidence that this will do a great job on at least up to 6" at a time. The snow thrower seems well made and comfortable to use. It is easy to assemble and get running. I think the best way to use it is to clear the sidewalk after every 6" of snow so it won't have too much to deal with at once. Overall this seems like a nice snow thrower that should make it much easier to deal with the occasional snowfall.

Great Snow shovel

This electric snow shovel is awesome. Has a battery so you aren't hampered by a cord and is still lightweight. This is a great alternative to the snowblower for me. My hand is messed up and it's getting really difficult to pull the cord to start my snowblower and this is easy to use yet powerful enough to get the job done. Highly recommend.