Electric Snow Thrower - 20V 4Ah Battery, 10" Clearing Width

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10" Inch

Clearing Width

25' Foot

Throwing Distance

5" Inch

Clearing Depth

Enhanced Efficiency, Ergonomic Design

With its extendable handle and lightweight build, maneuvering through snow becomes a hassle-free task, keeping your outdoor spaces clean and accessible all winter long.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Snow Thrower - 20V 4Ah Battery, 10" Clearing Width

Snow Thrower: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Snow Slayer Upgraded - More Power, Quicker Clearing

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Customer Reviews

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It’s good

The SuperHandy Snow Thrower Power Shovel is a snow-clearing superstar! Its cordless, rechargeable design makes it incredibly convenient. With an upgraded design and impressive throwing distance, it handles winter with ease. A must-have for anyone dealing with snow.

Snow shovel

Love it! So easy to use.

Jason Combes
Only good for ‘powder’ snow.

Concept is great. Bought for my business for around the walkway and entry. Learned the hard way that it’s only affective for light snow. Not strong enough for anything heavy. You need to use it BEFORE snow is able to harden up which means while it is coming down. If it warms up and begins to melt, the wheel that throws the snow will jam. I will also say that should have a feature that allows you to set the power to ‘on’. You have to hold your thumb on the power button. As you can imagine, slips off all the time and you have to restart it. Very annoying. Just based in this, I would not recommend it

For small jobs it is much better than shoveling

This unit is relatively small and if you have a covered porch, like I do, you can lean it in a corner if you know you will be coming back to it soon. I find that it does a good job removing snow from my sidewalk. It's not robust enough to cover large spaces efficiently, but for small at home jobs, it keeps us safe on those icy days. The way my roof is angled, snow and ice can build up and make slick spots that are dangerous. If the snow is actively falling, I can run this every few hours to stay on top of the problematic areas. I am pleased with it and prefer it over physically shoveling.

Really throws the snow.

Does not get all of the snow. Needs a scrapper blade.