Rear Tine Tiller Pro - 7HP, 16" Width, 12" Depth - Ultimate Soil Prep Tool

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7HP | 212CC

Gas Engine

16" Inch

Tilling Width

12" Inch

Tilling Depth

Deep Soil Preparation, Enhanced Efficiency

The Counter-Rotating Tines system not only aerates the soil effectively but also ensures optimal conditions for garden growth, making this tiller a must-have for serious gardeners.

MORE ABOUT THE Rear Tine Tiller Pro - 7HP, 16" Width, 12" Depth - Ultimate Soil Prep Tool

Cultivating Excellence: The Art of Advanced Tilling. Learn More.

Soil Mastery - Ultimate Rear Tine Tilling Power

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just got my rototiller

well I put it together , , packing , very good, expert packing job; took my time , put it together , followed directions , lubed it oiled it gased it, pulled it , started on first pull, I tilled an area 35 ft by 15 ft, wet sod , grass, it did very well ,im almost impressed , if this machine holds up I will be impressed, it seems like it is well made, simple operation , no frills , but it works good, I like to buy American made , but someone please tell me where to go ,this machine was not discount buy any means, but it was easy plan they offered ,so far I give it a thumbs up