25 Ton Gas Log Splitter - 7HP 209CC, 20" Max Log Length

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7HP | 209CC

Gas Engine

25 Ton

Splitting Tonnage

24" Inch

Log Diameter

Dominate Winter Prep with SuperHandy's 25 Ton Behemoth

Gear up for the cold with the relentless force of the SuperHandy 25 Ton Gas Log Splitter. Its potent 7HP 209CC Gas Engine paired with a 25-ton hydraulic system ensures you're all set for winter, slicing through logs up to 24 inches in diameter without breaking a sweat.

Sheer Power, Supreme Efficiency

This log splitter isn't just powerful; it redefines rugged efficiency. The combination of a high-capacity engine and hydraulic might means it can tackle the most daunting wood piles, turning log splitting from a chore into a pleasure.

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Customer Reviews

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Powerful log splitter

The Super Handy 25 ton gas log splitter was assembled fairly easily. But the instruction manual that came with it was obviously from an earlier model, and some of the parts were different, with different assembly requirements.
After filling the hydraulic oil, engine oil, and engine gas tank, the engine pull-started easily, and I let it run for at least 20 min. before splitting any logs.
I had some oak logs 20" wide and 18" long with branch knots in them, and this log splitter easily split them.


The wedge slide broke day one

It does take two people to assemble..

My husband and I were able to put it together with the help of the tractor.

Works very well

I was very pleased with the way that I was able to split even the largest rounds ... much larger than advertised when in the vertical position. The splitter operated smoothly and powerfully at a nice even pace that allowed for precise positioning of the round or segment. It rolls easily but is awkward to balance while doing so. There is no protection for the engine and hydraulic oil supply hose if you tip it too far backward and lose balance. Although I torqued the nuts to the proper value, the front support is tubular and bolts through to a flat plate, so after a couple of hours of operation, I needed to re-tighten them. All-in-all, I am satisfied with the value for the cost.