Gas Leaf Mulcher - 3.4HP 145CC, 1" Max Branch Diameter

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3.4HP | 145CC

Gas Engine

6 Knives

For Chipping

2 Hammers

For Shredding

Efficient Mulching with SuperHandy's Gas Leaf Mulcher

Revolutionize your yard cleanup with our Heavy Duty Shredder & Mulcher. This 3.4HP 145CC gas-powered machine effortlessly chips and shreds branches up to 1-inch thick, turning debris into useful mulch.

Powerful Shredding, Optimal Reduction

With a 15:1 reduction ratio and an extra-large hopper, this mulcher efficiently processes large volumes of leaves and branches, making it a vital tool for maintaining your outdoor spaces.

MORE ABOUT THE Gas Leaf Mulcher - 3.4HP 145CC, 1" Max Branch Diameter

Leaf Mulcher: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Mulch with Muscle - Leaves and Branches Beware

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas G Kozubek
It works

I purchased this product because I have several acres of yard and trees with massive amounts of leaves and twigs to clean up every year. The product was packaged well and appeared to be good quality aside from the cheap plastic/tin throttle. Like most gas powered items it does not come with oil. Once I added oil and gas I attempted to start the engine with no luck. It says to prime the ball three times which I did and there was no firmness like most primer balls. Since I could smell the gas I took the sparkplug out and discovered the ground was touching the electrode. Luckily I had a gap tool and gapped it to the required spacing. It was also missing a nut to secure the throttle. I continued to pull the cord with no luck. I went ahead and primed the ball about 10 times then it finally started. I let it run for 30 minutes while using it then shut it off to get more leaves. When I tried to start it again, it would not start. I primed it again several times and it started. I also took the safety guard off. With it on, you have to continually poke the leaves down the chute which can be a safety issue on its own. There was very little blow back with the guard off so I was safe with glasses on. I was able to throw a scoop of leaves in and let the vibration and gravity take them to the blades. Time will tell if this was a good purchase but it did a good job once it was running.

Patricia Mann
Need cover for top.

Did not like when the leaves mulched they back fire towards your face 😔 take to much time.

Kenton L. Cudd Sr.
Leaf Mulcher

Took a couple hours to assemble and works Great!

EXTREMELY HELPFUL tool for fall cleanups!!!

Terrific value for this workhorse!!!! My home has many large oak trees that create a nightmarish quantity of leaf/stick debris every fall. This product reduces MOUNTAINS of debris into useful material. I wish i had bought one YEARS ago!!!!!!!!! You can’t be the VALUE in terms of PRICE and USEFULNESS!!!!

Leaf shredder

I bought this unit for one type of use. I use it to grind up corn stalks. Had to remove the 3 bolts that hold the deflect on, because of the shredded green stalks would not pass through. After removable, it worked great. Only thing I wish is the motor to be a larger HP. But with the price, you get what you get.