Knee Walker - Height Adjustable, 330Lbs Max Weight

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330 LBS

Weight Limit

16 LBS

Total Weight

12" Inch

All-Terrain Tires

Mobility Made Easy with SuperHandy's Knee Walker

Experience enhanced mobility with our Folding Knee Walker. Designed for ease and support, it features a lightweight aluminum frame and 12-inch all-terrain tires, supporting up to 330lbs with stability and comfort.

Sturdy Support, Effortless Navigation

Ideal for injury recovery or assistance, this knee walker offers reliable stability and smooth movement, ensuring you can navigate your daily life with confidence and ease.

MORE ABOUT THE Knee Walker - Height Adjustable, 330Lbs Max Weight

Knee Walker: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Mobility and Comfort - Walk with Ease

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Customer Reviews

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Quality piece needs more vertical adjustment

Good stuff

It depends….

pros: - it is very lightweight and easy to traansport by vehicle. folds up very nicely and compact. - bigger tires definitely an asset over cracks in pavement and offf roading. - narrower width than most scooters so can maneuver quite well. Turns very tightly compared to competitors’ scooters. - surprisingly study given the weeight. im about 235 lbs and had no issus with sturdiness. - nice bright colour different from competitor.. - seat for leg was molded and comfy. Had to buy a sheepskin cover as i was getting blisters from bare knee rubbing seat while scooting. Cons: - aa it is narrow it is very tippy going around corner or turning. if you put a basket on handlebars you have to be even more careful turning. also too much weight in basket results in catapulting if you take your leg off of kneepas. - tire are great for absorbing shock and wont run flat. Howeever the tread on mine was completly gone after 7 weeks. Pretty poor tread fromthe start. plus they squeak like crazy on departmemt store floors. - The brakes are poor. both handles control 1 bar that goes down over the tires. My handle broke after 7 weeks. Even when new the brakes could barely stop the scooter and that braking just wore out the tires more. Had to use free leg and brakes on any hill to prevent going too fast. Dont know why they just dont put a break pad on that post to brake properly. - durability- the steering was ok but was starting to fail aftrt 7 weeks- bolts just couldnt be adjusted or tighterd anymore so steering was starting to lossen ri point where handlebars became misaligned with wheels during use. The handlebars also coild uae a quick release instead of a screw in knob, which was a pain to take out for transportation. conclusion- the scooter was great value for short term use less than 8 weeks. Not for someone who could not manage the tippiness and poor breaking. Great for transporting in vehicles given its lightness and foldability. However the long term durability of the scooter is questionable. I would probably buy it again as it was 100$ cheaper than scooters in med supply stores. Given certain injuries heal within 8-10 weeks, it is probably adequate for most folks; its cons become more apparent over time and frequency if use:

Manco Capac
Great Product at a good price

I bought 5 of these reels and in my experience, it is a great balance of quality of a product with a great price point that totals great value !

Elizabeth Rudolph
Perfect for a foot injury

I got this after foot surgery, and it was perfect to take to work to get around. it is just what I need, and lightweight enough to handle myself. Couldn't be happier.

Very helpful

This is so helpful. I have a very bad knee from an acl/meniscus tear and cannot afford surgery so I am naturally healing. It's been a painful process! This helps a lot when I can't take the pain anymore and need something to help me move! It rolls easily and supports a decent amount of weight. Very easy to assembly (it was mostly assembled to begin with). Love it!