Chicken Plucker Drill Attachment - 3/8" Shank

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3/8" Inch

Drive Shank


Rubber Fingers


Stainless Steel

Innovative Design, Exceptional Durability

Designed for versatility, this chicken plucker fits standard variable speed drills (110-220 volt, corded or cordless), and screwdrivers. Its premium construction guarantees longevity and rust resistance, making it an essential tool for poultry enthusiasts.

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Chicken Plucker: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Pluck the Effort Out - Drill into Poultry Perfection

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Customer Reviews

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Great Product

I was surprised at how efficient and easy this was to use. Much less expensive than a plucking tub as well as much easier to clean.

Does what it says

This chicken plucker does what it says. It does a pretty good job and it is way better than plucking our chickens by hand. Don't be fooled though, feathers fly everywhere!!! You will be covered in feathers along with everything around the area. It is what it is, so be prepared. Also make sure you have a good electric drill. I would not use a battery operated drill for this as it would run the batteries down pretty fast and it may put too much of a load on it. We anchored our drill in the vise to keep it steady then just moved the chicken around. It seemed the best method for us.

Amazon Customer
Works great for smaller number of birds

This drill attachment plucker was great! This was our first time harvesting meat birds. We didn’t want to invest in a larger plucker in fear we wouldn’t use it long term. We harvested 15 birds and it worked great for that! If you are going to be harvesting more than 40 birds at a time, you may want to look at something larger. But for a small harvest, this was a great tool and much more affordable than an industrial plucker.

Great tool for the price.

Great plucker for the yard birds.

Works well

This is a good cheaper alternative to the more expensive bucket type pluckers. It helps to have two people but removes most of the feathers pretty easily.