Electric Mini Chainsaw - 20V 2Ah Battery, 8" Bar

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7" Inch

Chainsaw Bar

550 Watt

Electric Motor

20V 2Ah

Li-Ion Battery

Precision Pruning with SuperHandy's Electric Mini Chainsaw

Discover the power of compact cutting with our 20V Mini Electric Chainsaw. Perfect for pruning, this chainsaw offers a 7 to 8.5-inch bar powered by a 550-watt motor, all running on a 20V 2Ah Li-Ion battery.

Compact Power, Cordless Freedom

This little dynamo proves that efficient cutting isn't a size game. It's designed for ease, agility, and the freedom to take on branches without the fuss of gas or cords.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Mini Chainsaw - 20V 2Ah Battery, 8" Bar

Chainsaw: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Compact Cutting Power - Size Meets Strength

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Brockmeier
Dang this thing is fun and easy to use

I am 63 years old and don't have the best upper body strength. I love to garden and my yard needs lots of maintenance. I got tired of hiring someone else to do simple things like cut up small branches and trim up and deadhead bushes. This thing is so lightweight I have no problem using it. It cuts small branches and brambles easily and is brawny for its size. My husband has a very large trimmer and I can't even lift it so this little guy is perfect for me. The battery holds a charge and have never had it go dead on me during use. I recharge it when done so it's ready the next time. So if you need a little handy tool this works.

J. Bosiljevac
Get what you pay for

Day 1 - spent as much time putting the chain back on as actually cutting Day 2 - chain guard broke When it works, it’s convenient and easy to use. But it’s not very durable. About the quality you might expect from a $50 chainsaw.

lite weight

easy to handle and fst service

The instruction manual is pretty useless. There’s no reference to the chain oil requirement.

It’s not the highest quality, but does do it’s advertised job.

bernie russell
Great compact product

I just pulled this saw out of the box..there was enough charge for it to work..went to recharge it and realized there was no charger with the product..l don’t understand..are they purchased separately??? if so how can l get one..or was this an omission by the ..manufacturer??? please advise..this is my 2nd submission w/ no response..otherwise l would prefer to return this product..once again PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!!