Steel Air Hose Reel - 50' Ft Hose Length, Retractable & Mountable (Upgraded)

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3/8" Inch

Hose Diameter

50' Foot

Air Hose

300 PSI

Max Pressure

Durable Design, Versatile Use

Ideal for industrial or DIY projects, this hose reel's heavy-duty steel and corrosion-resistant finish guarantee longevity and reliability in any working environment.

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Customer Reviews

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SSgt. B
Top notch

Slightly skeptical at first. But right at first feeli can tell there is some durability built into this unit. Feels very sturdy and strong. I run a diesel shop, so it definitely comes in handy. The reel works fine and retracts pretty good with no hang ups. It would be really cool if it had a self guider, to help the hose not get overbunched. But theres way more than enough room tor that not to hinder anything. The hose itself feels very good. Easy yo clean and grip. Been run over quite a few times without any issues. Slightly on the higher end of the price spectrum but still a fair deal.

P. Gruhn
Excellent upgrade to my home shop

I have had a manual crank reel for years made out of plastic. This reel is VERY WELL BUILT, and the retractor to pull in the hose is excellent. I love not having to manually crank the hose back on to a reel. I see no downside to this unit. 5-stars

Tony Roman
Great product, though I am concerned about some of the plastic parts

SuperHandy Air Hose Reel Retractable Industrial 3/8" Inch x 50' I would not consider this a 'commercial' or professional quality air hose, but it is a great addition to anyone's home garage. Some of the components of the hose reel itself seem a little on the under-engineered side, and I am a bit concerned about longterm durability of the reel itself. At 50 long, this is perfect for my use, allowing me to reach cars both inside my garage and in my driveway and side lawn. This is great for clearing off my lawnmower or working on my car.

Great for the price

For the price this is a great hose reel. The hose is of reasonable quality and the reel mechanism works as it’s supposed to. It appears sturdy and doesn’t leak at the swivel joint. All that said, this isn’t a professional unit costing hundreds more so I’m not sure how long it will hold up. But for a home show this is a great buy that I’m certain will last for years. Highly recommend

Fantastic For My Workshop

I ordered this to put in my woodworking shop. I currently haul my air compressor around, and use it where needed. The air compressor isn't the lightest, so this can be a real pain. I figured that it was about time to get a hose reel, so that I can just pull out the hose whenever I need it. I am very impressed with how heavy duty this reel is. This thing has some serious weight to it. I would definitely plan on mounting it to studs only. It comes already pre-mounted to a piece of plywood. The plywood can be used as a template when deciding where to mount it. The hose seems nice and heavy duty. I easily hooked it up to my compressor, and even though it's a fairly long hose at 50 feet, the pressure was still great coming out of it. The hose also pulls out, and retracts very easily. It also locks into a standby position with very little effort. Overall, I am very satisfied with this setup. I can't tell you how much easier it is to just pull the hose, and drag it where I need it. This is a nice heavy duty reel, with a long heavy duty hose attached. I have no regrets with this order.