20V 2Ah Lithium Ion Battery - For 20V Battery Systems

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20V 2AH

Lithium Ion

36 WH

Battery Capacity

1.5 Hour

Charge Time

Compact Energy, Endless Possibilities

From clearing snow to crafting landscapes, the SuperHandy 20V battery is the silent force behind your outdoor endeavors. With a quick 1.5-hour charge time, it's always ready, always reliable, and endlessly efficient. Say hello to uninterrupted productivity.

MORE ABOUT THE 20V 2Ah Lithium Ion Battery - For 20V Battery Systems

20V Battery: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Compact Energy - Extend Your Work with Every Charge

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Betty shaffner
You pay out of your pocket for ups to send batteries.

.I was taken aback when.they said $9:46 return a battery that didn't fit banything I have.. I don't remember ordering it but it was in.with a tiller that I did order. .

Cuts down on shoveling.

Snow blowing

Robert Hadley
Works really well!

The battery doesn't last long in my product before needing to be rechanged, but it has an indicator light that tells you when to rechange it.

stann hoyle
Fast delivery, Almost fully charged.

This new one works perfectly. The other two they sent me were the wrong batteries. Thanks for fixing the problem so quickly. I hope I can return the other two at the Amazon Warehouse near me. I like the people there; they are very helpful.

Amazon Customer
Long Lasting Charge!

When you have a battery operated device it's important to have back up batteries and this battery is just that. It's there when I need it and it works!