Electric Trailer Dolly Pro - 24V 9Ah Battery, 7500Lbs Towing Capacity

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1,100 LBS

Tongue Limit

7,500 LBS

Trailer Limit

800 Watt

Electric Motor

Heavy-Duty Hauling, Professional Performance

Built with a solid steel frame and versatile wheels, our dolly makes moving hefty trailers effortless, redefining heavy-duty towing with commercial-grade capability and convenience.

MORE ABOUT THE Electric Trailer Dolly Pro - 24V 9Ah Battery, 7500Lbs Towing Capacity

Trailer Dolly: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency. Learn More.

Professional Puller - Superior Strength for Heavy-Duty Towing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Edgar Steele

Although it is well made, it will not push my 20 foot bass boat up a 1 inch rise going into my garage. I have to maneuver the boat then hook back up to my truck to get it in the garage.

Patoka Lake

The tires are too small and they spin out in loose gravel. It is also too slow moving forward and when you hit the approach to the barn it doest have enough power to get the boat up over the hump of the approach. This dolly is great for a perfectly good flat surface only.

David Bracher

Did not get an order confirmation- was not able to track order until I was told the correct site.
Communication bad. Can’t speak to any one or leave a voice mail like the web site tells you to do. Communication slow.

Bob Dikman

great trailer dolly at an affordable price

Bruce A. Jorgensen
I love my Super Handy...(7500 Pound )

The Super Handy arrived in perfect condition. It worked perfectly out of the box. I first tried it on my Aluma cargo trailer. It was perfect. I could easily get the Aluma in and out of a tight area. I was concerned about my 6500 pound Airstream, but once I hooked it up pulled it out, turned it around and maneuvered it to a tighter to the north wall location in our car condo....It was over the top. Excellent, works Excellent. The same position works perfectly for both trailers. i would recommend this to my best friend,